Put the Brakes On! (Brake Caliper Replacement)

April 30, 2023

Keeping your vehicle's brakes in top shape is one of the most important things you can do for your safety and those on the road with you. Most drivers know a little about brake pads and rotors but maybe not so much about another brake component called the calipers. Disc brakes work by a mechanica... More

Full of Hot Air (Air Conditioning)

April 23, 2023

In warm weather, you want to be in a cool vehicle. When we're talking cool, we don't mean stylish or trendy, but cool as in not sweltering inside. And if your vehicle's air conditioner stops working correctly, it seems to always break at the worst timeduring a heat wave. Automotive air conditio... More

Kwik Kar Saginaw: Good Service and Good Fuel Economy

April 16, 2023

Most Saginaw auto owners want to save on gas and seek our advice on improving economy. At Kwik Kar Saginaw, we are frequently asked, however, if it is really worth the extra effort. Just how much money can Saginaw drivers actually save?In today's Kwik Kar Saginaw article, we're focusing on the t... More

Breathe Deep in Saginaw With a New Cabin Air Filter

April 9, 2023

Poor interior air quality is nothing to sneeze at, and Saginaw auto owners might be interested to know that more and more new cars are coming equipped with a cabin air filter. Check your vehicle owner's manual, but they typically need to be replaced at around 12,000 to 15,000 miles (19,000 to 24... More

A Cold Day in Saginaw ? Air Conditioning Service at Kwik Kar Saginaw

April 2, 2023

Most Saginaw drivers worry about a breakdown or a tire blowout on a busy TX highway, but don't worry too much about failure of their air conditioning system. A breakdown on the side of the road can be a miserable and dangerous affair during Saginaw rush hour, but so can a long ride in a hot vehi... More