How Much is Enough for Saginaw Auto Owners? Tire Tread Depth

December 30, 2018

Most Saginaw drivers know that tires wear out and that the wear has to do with tread depth. Most of us have heard that bald tires are dangerous, but most of us picture a tire with no tread at all when we think of a bald tire. And when we take our vehicles in for preventive maintenance, the techn... More

Beware of Cheap Tires in Saginaw

December 24, 2018

Do you like to shop for shoes in Saginaw?When buying a running shoe, is quality important?Does durability matter as long as the shoes look fabulous?Would you rather have one pair of long lasting shoes or two pairs of lower quality shoes at the same price?Is the warranty important when buying tir... More

Problems with Suspension Solved at Kwik Kar Saginaw in Saginaw

December 16, 2018

A vehicle's suspension system is tough. It can last for years and after lots of driving for Saginaw drivers. But it can be damaged quickly by hitting a pothole, curb or rock, and it can wear more quickly if you frequently drive off-road or on bumpy roads. A workhorse vehicle one that hauls heavy... More

Saginaw Air Conditioning Service

December 10, 2018

Working up a sweat is a great thing to do in a gym around Saginaw, but not in your vehicle. When Saginaw residents' vehicle AC Systems have a problem, they'll often feel it right away. The question is, how long do you put up with it? You know, the old comfort versus cost dilemma. But a more comfo... More

Battery Replacement at Kwik Kar Saginaw in Saginaw

December 2, 2018

Hello, welcome to Kwik Kar Saginaw. Today's focus is batteries. It seems like everything in Saginaw runs on batteries. Of course, the batteries we're most concerned with here at Kwik Kar Saginaw are those in our customer's vehicles. Just like the batteries in our smoke detectors or TV remote, t... More